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Firehouse Magazine Donates $5,000 to B.L.A.Z.E. Mentoring Program

Joseph Pleasant; Public Information Officer

BLAZE works with students in MNPS high schools to provide mentoring sessions

Nashville, TN (October 18, 2018) – Firehouse Magazine donated $5,000 to the B.L.A.Z.E. Mentoring Program during the Firehouse Expo 2018 Opening Ceremony at the Music City Center, Thursday morning.

B.L.A.Z.E. stands for Breaking Limitations, Accepting Zero Excuses. Volunteer mentors who members of the Nashville Fire Department visit MNPS high schools to present various sessions to inspire students to follow their dreams and goals.

“We do such important work with B.L.A.Z.E. Mentoring Program and are passionate about our impact on the students and the community,” Co-Coordinator NFD Fire Inspector Kendra Loney said. “This donation will allow us to continue to live out the mission of .B.L.A.Z.E. and make our impact greater.”

While B.L.A.Z.E. hopes some of the students will consider joining the Nashville Fire Department in the future, the main goal is to provide students with the support and the guidance they need to be successful.

“We are so grateful to Firehouse Magazine for this donation to B.L.A.Z.E. Mentoring Program,” Nashville Fire Department Director Chief William Swann said. “The Nashville Fire Department has always been committed to doing whatever we can to help the children in our community. This donation to the mentoring program will help ensure B.L.A.Z.E. can continue this important work.”

Firehouse Expo is the leading trade show and expo for the fire industry. During the four day event the most innovative tools are featured as well as training, equipment and exposure to the ideas and inspiration firefighters need to be the best, the brightest and bravest in the business, according to event details from Firehouse Magazine.

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