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90 in 90 Campaign


Close to 70 communities nationwide have built a system that quickly identifies Veterans who become homeless and assists them with permanent housing with the right level of supportive services within an average of 90 days.

We believe Nashville can reach that goal as well!

That's why last October our partner agencies launched the 90 in 90 campaign to increase the housing placement rate of Veterans in 90 days (between October and December of 2018).

The 90 in 90 campaign resulted in an increase in the housing placement rate from about 8 Veterans a month to 20 Veterans a month.

In addition, the partner agencies created an improved and active Veterans By Name List that allows the community providers to see (by name) all the Veterans that are currently experiencing homelessness in Nashville.

And lastly, the providers are working on a structure to move the community forward in ending Veteran homelessness. While we have not set a timeline yet, we are working hard toward that goal by focusing on data to show us how many Veterans become newly homeless.

Yet, service providers can only do so much. What we truly need is landlords willing to rent to Veterans and work with service providers to help them remain stably housed.

Ending homelessness does not mean that no Veteran will be experiencing homelessness at any given time. Rather, it means that the community has a system in place that is capable to assist a Veteran with housing within an average of 90 days.

Community partners involved in the 90 in 90 Campaign are: VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare Systems, Operation Stand Down Tennessee, Centerstone, Room In The Inn, Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA), Matthew 25, Inc., Welcome Home Ministries, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); Davidson County Veterans and Mental Health Treatment Court; the Metro Homeless Impact Division; and other partners who work to house Veterans in Nashville.

Landlords are encouraged to reach out to MDHA ( to learn about an incentive program to help house Veterans. Landlords can also contact Deon Trotter with the Homeless Impact Division at