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Business Assistance Office Partners with Nashville Community Education


Each year, the Business Assistance Office (BAO) offers a number of capacity building trainings to help local enterprises to prepare to do business with Metro Government. In Spring 2019, we will start offering these trainings via Nashville Community Education.

What does this mean for you?

It means better communication. Before each term, Nashville Community Education distributes nearly 7,000 catalogs, multiple emails, and engages many other mediums to promote upcoming courses. Joining efforts will make sure that the public is always aware of upcoming opportunities for capacity building training offered by the BAO.

It means easier access. By partnering with Nashville Community Education, we will be able to utilize their facilities and offer trainings in different areas of the city. This also means that trainings will not be limited to a certain time of day, but be offered at various times (morning, afternoon, evening) to provide maximum opportunity for you to attend.

It means improved programming. Using the Nashville Community Education online registration not only means that you can log-on and see all available opportunities for the upcoming term, but also that BAO can see which classes are filling up and which are falling aside. This data will allow us to shift our resources in real time. We can cancel those trainings that are not meeting your needs, while adding additional opportunities onto those classes where interest is higher. This will allow BAO to make the best use of our resources, ultimately putting our energy and efforts on those topics and issues more important to you.

Registration for the spring term for Nashville Community Education is now open! To learn more about the BAO trainings and to sign-up, click the link below.

Registration for Nashville Community Education's BAO Trainings