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Final Inspection Verification Tool in ePermits


Picture showing how the Building Final tool works within ePermits.

The Metro Code Department, working with Metro ITS, has created a new tool in ePermits that will make the final inspection process more efficient for our staff and yours.

The Final Building Inspection cannot occur without all trade permits (Electrical, Gas/Mechanical, Plumbing) having received their final approval. In the past, some contractors have requested a final building inspection prior to receiving trade approvals, causing unnecessary trips by building inspectors and delaying the final approval process.

Now, when requesting a Final Inspection in ePermits, our system will check to ensure that all trade permits are finalized and marked “DONE” before allowing a user to request their final inspection. If there are open trade permits, our system will then list all of the trade permits that have not been marked final in the system.

If you see open trade permits, be sure to schedule those final inspections or contact your trade inspector if a final trade inspection occurred but has not been closed in the system.

Screenshot of the trade permits that will show when it is still open.

Once a final building inspection has been approved by the inspector, there may still be sign-offs and approvals necessary to get a Final Use and Occupancy letter from the Building Division. You can use this tutorial to find out how to print out your U&O Status report and be sure you are ready to receive your letter and close out your construction project.