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Mayor Briley Asks Residents To Exercise Caution Ahead Of Potential Heavy And Sustained Rainfall

Thomas Mulgrew, 615-862-6461

Mayor David Briley is imploring Nashville residents to exercise caution ahead of a week of potential heavy, sustained rainfall that may cause flooding.

The Mayor’s Office is currently working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Metro Water Services (MWS) to monitor the expected rainfall and its impact on rivers and tributaries in the area and mitigate flood risk as much as possible.

“Today, I convened a call with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Metro Water Services so that we are best prepared for the week ahead,” said Mayor Briley. “I want the residents of our city to know that we are taking this situation very seriously. It is imperative that everyone be careful as we move through this week and stay updated on any weather developments.”

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Management is continuing to monitor forecasted rainfall and will be proactive at positioning the Cumberland River reservoir system in the best possible state to mitigate flooding concerns moving forward. Weighing the need to recover storage at upstream flood control projects with the risk of releasing water into the river below is a carefully calculated decision made by the Corps.

OEM is also monitoring the situation and will have swift water and volunteers available to respond to any emergencies. OEM Dispatch will work closely with MWS and Public Works on flooded roadways due to debris, stopped up storm drains and/or street flooding needing barricades to be placed out, if needed.

MWS crews continue to focus on clearing debris from storm drains in known trouble areas, as trash and debris blocking storm drains and inlets can cause isolated flooding in streets.

Nashville residents can help prevent blockages and potential isolated flooding by being responsible and properly disposing of litter and yard debris. Checking nearby storm drains and removing any trash or debris on top of the grate will help storm water flow properly.

Residents should call 615-862-4600 if they see roadway ponding or experience flooding, and stay tuned to NOAA weather radios or other local media for further information from the National Weather Service.

Nashville residents are encouraged to know their flood hazard risks, monitor the situation and take proper flood safety precautions. More information is available on the MWS website at

Residents can view river stage forecasts issued by the National Weather Service at the following link: