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Short-Term Rental Changes Proposed


UPDATE: The Metro Council has adopted a substitute ordinance for BL2019-1633 which move the effective date to May 31, 2020 along with other proposed changes. 

The Metro Planning Commission and Metro Council are considering two significant changes to Nashville’s Short-Term Rental (STR) laws that in the coming weeks.

BL2019-1633 introduced by Councilmember Burkley Allen would clean up language in the Metro Code to conform with the Short-Term Rental Unit Act enacted by the State of Tennessee. In addition, the legislation would remove Residential Multifamily (RM) districts from the list of zoning districts where new non-owner occupied permits would be allowed. IMPORTANT NOTE: The effective date of the legislation is currently October 1, 2019, meaning the Metro Codes Department will continue issuing permits for RM zoned properties as long as they meet the requirements of the law in place currently. Permits that are lawfully issued prior to the effective date of the ordinance will continue to be honored and renewed if they comply with the law.

BL2019-1627 is an STR permit fee increased proposed by Mayor David Briley and based on a consultant study showing that the costs of permitting and STR enforcement are far greater than the current $50 fee. Under the proposal, Metro would increase the permitting fee for new and renewal applications to $313.00 starting on July 1, 2019.