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Metro Arts Issues Call to Artists for Nashville Fairgrounds

Emily Waltenbaugh

Selected artist will design and create an iconic, large-scale artwork that honors the neighborhood and relates to the forthcoming MLS stadium site

The Metro Nashville Arts Commission (“Metro Arts”) seeks an artist for the design, fabrication and installation of an iconic, permanent public artwork for The Fairgrounds Nashville. Metro Arts today issued its Call for Artists, outlining goals and objectives for the selected artist, including:

  • Creating a site-specific, permanent artwork of a significant scale that will act as an iconic landmark within the site.
  • Honoring the history of The Fairgrounds Nashville property while celebrating the future events and activities planned for the site, such as MLS games and potential mixed-used development.
  • Involving the diverse neighboring businesses and residents in the design process
  • Ensuring the public artwork has a strong daytime and nighttime presence
  • Reflecting Metro Arts’ commitment, as outlined in the Public Art Community Investment Plan, to shared civic spaces that are open to everyone and dedicated to the community's vision, identity and purposes

The application period closes at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 23.