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Gun Carrying Teen Fatally Wounded During Attempted Armed Robbery of Jefferson Street Restaurant



A gun carrying 17-year-old who tried to rob Knock Out Wings at 1300 Jefferson Street at 9:40 p.m. Thursday died from gunshot wounds after an employee opened fire on him in the midst of the hold up.

Five employees, 3 men and 2 women, were inside the restaurant when the teen, Jaylin Cummins, who was dressed in all black clothing and had his face covered, entered. He demanded money from the cash register at gunpoint. As one of the female employees dealt with Cummins, one of her co-workers, Herbert Scruggs, 58, saw an opportunity to retrieve a pistol being carried by another male employee (who had his hands up). Scruggs then opened fire on the robber. Cummins, wounded and bleeding, fled the restaurant without any money. He got into a waiting white car.

Less than 30 minutes later, Hermitage Precinct officers responded to Terrace Park Apartments on Elm Hill Pike on a call of a shooting victim. Cummins was located on the ground outside one of the units. His girlfriend said she opened the apartment door and found Cummins as a white vehicle drove away.

The investigation is continuing as North Precinct detectives work to identify the other person or persons who were inside the white car.

No charges are anticipated against Scruggs. The completed investigation will be staffed with the District Attorney’s Office.