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Man Arrested for Felony Child Neglect After Leaving his Great Nephew Unattended While he Sought Cocaine



North Precinct officers this afternoon arrested the great uncle of a 23-month-old boy for leaving the child unattended inside a vehicle at a fast food restaurant while he went elsewhere to buy cocaine.

Shawn Barber, 42, is charged with felony child neglect.

Officers were called to the Jack in the Box at 1504 Hampton Street by the restaurant’s staff after citizens found the child inside a car with the windows down and the keys left behind. When police arrived, the boy had been taken inside by staff. Barber returned and, when questioned, admitted to leaving the child unattended while he went off property to buy cocaine.

Officers checked with the child’s mother, who reported that Barber had come to her apartment to watch her son while she went to pick up her other kids from school. While she was gone, he drove off with his great nephew unrestrained.

The Nashville Fire Department transported the boy to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to be checked out. He was determined to be ok.


Shawn Barber, 42