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Investigation Continues into Mechanic's Death on the Shoulder of I-24 West Near Joelton



Fatal crash investigators continue to examine the unusual circumstances surrounding Thursday night’s death of mechanic Michael Lindsey, 38, of Whites Creek, on the shoulder of I-24 West near Old Hickory Boulevard.

The preliminary investigation shows that Lindsey and a second mechanic responded at 8:15 p.m. to assist the driver of a tractor trailer, Louis Hooks, who was broken down on the right shoulder of I-24 West near Joelton when the driver of a second semi pulled up behind him.

At this time the second mechanic, Doug Sanders, left the scene to make a purchase. He and Lindsey had diagnosed the issue, a bad tire valve. When Sanders returned, he found Lindsey deceased at the scene with his tools nearby.

Hooks reported that he saw the unidentified driver standing outside of the second truck, but did not speak to him. Hooks then saw the semi behind him pull off. Sanders related that the unidentified driver told him that he stopped because of a mandatory break.

The sequence of events remains under investigation. It appears that Lindsey was struck when the second semi driver drove away, apparently unaware that Lindsey was present.

The truck that left the scene is described as a red Volvo semi with a white trailer with a logo on the back. The driver is described as a white man in his 50s with long sandy brown hair and a thin build. He is approximately 5’10” tall and is wearing a white t-shirt.

Anyone with information regarding the unidentified driver/semi is asked to contact the Department of Emergency Communications at 615-862-8600.