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Nashville Tree Conservation Corps and the Metro Tree Advisory Committee Present the Nashville Tree Sale

Jennifer Smith, 615-862-8708

Ordering Deadlines are October 20, November 17, December 22, January 19, and March 17

In an effort to grow and improve Nashville’s urban tree canopy, the Nashville Tree Conservation Corps and the Metro Tree Advisory Committee are presenting the third annual Tree Sale. This sale makes it easy to plant a tree in your yard and, not only do something good for your family, but help to improve the health, beauty and well-being of the entire community. The trees sold will be mapped for the Root Nashville tree canopy campaign to plant 500,000 trees by 2050.

Featuring freshly dug nursery trees and delivered to your home, these trees can be planted by family, friends or for an additional fee, by a planting service. Canopy, understory and evergreen trees are being offered. Residents are encouraged to plant a canopy tree where there is space and there are no overhead utility lines. Check your chosen tree’s mature height and width to see if it is appropriate for your space

2019 Tree Sale Selection

Price includes a balled-and-burlapped tree, approximately 6’ tall and 1.5” caliber (trunk width), 1” for small trees, delivery, bag of mulch and planting and watering instructions.

Understory (Small) Trees

15’ from Power Lines

  • ‘Natchez’ Crape Myrtle $133
  • ‘Yoshino’ Cherry $118
  • ‘Cherokee Princess’ Dogwood $118
  • ‘Summer Tower’ Redbud $119

Medium Canopy Trees

35’ from Power Lines

  • Bald Cypress $123
  • ‘Frontier’ Elm $134
  • Red Maple $109
  • Sugar Maple $123

Canopy Trees

45’ from Power Lines

  • Southern Magnolia $175
  • Overcup Oak $123
  • Shumard Red Oak $113
  • Swamp White Oak $123
  • Tulip Poplar $109

Evergreen Tree

Deodar Cedar $196

(*Prices are subject to change due to program costs.)

Extra Options

Tree Planting Service ($75/Tree) and Tree Diaper for Watering ($20/Each)

Ordering deadlines and deliveries are:

  • October 1–20, Delivery week of November 4;
  • October 21–November 17, Delivery week of December 2;
  • November 18–December 22, Delivery week of January 6;
  • December 23–January. 19, Delivery week of February 3;
  • January 20–March 17, Delivery week of March 30.

On-line Ordering

The on-line ordering site features: tree photos, tree planting video and diagram, Nashville Electric Service flier of Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place, and the 811 Call Before you Dig free service information.