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Three of Four Escaped Teens from TrueCore Facility in Custody and Charged with Carjacking



Three of four teenagers in Department of Children’s Services Custody who escaped Monday night from the TrueCore facility at 279 Stewarts Ferry Pike are now in Nashville juvenile detention on charges of carjacking and escape. Juvenile Crime Task Force officers took the three into custody in North Nashville after they carjacked a couple on Airways Circle, about three miles from the TrueCore facility.

In custody are Tywan Ford, 17, Terrence Brown Jr., 17, and Yanathan Furline, 16.

Hermitage Precinct officers were notified of the escapes at 9:20 p.m. Juvenile Crime Task Force officers had come into the area to help search for the teens when a carjacking call came in at 11:30 p.m. from Sheffield Heights Apartments on Airways Circle. The victims told officers that they were returning home from an event downtown when a teen with his face partially covered and a hand underneath a jacket (leaving the impression that he was armed) demanded the keys to their 2018 Chevrolet Cruze. After getting the keys, two other teens who had been hiding nearby joined their accomplice in the car. They sped away.

Task Force officers quickly determined that the Cruze could be tracked via satellite and could be slowed to a speed of 5 mph. With the assistance of an MNPD helicopter, the vehicle was spotted on Jefferson Street near Dr. D.B. Todd Boulevard. A signal was sent to the vehicle to slow it down. The Cruze was followed to the intersection of Conway Street and Urbandale Avenue where it turned onto a dead end. Ground units quickly saturated the area. Ford, the driver, bailed and tried to run. He was apprehended without incident, as were Brown and Furline, who remained in the car.

The fourth escaped teen, Steven Cosby Jr., 18, was not in the vehicle. His whereabouts are unknown. Anyone seeing Cosby or knowing his whereabouts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

This is the second time this month MNPD officers have been called to deal with an issue at the TrueCore facility. At 1:25 a.m. on October 10, officers responded to a report of an attempted escape. Upon officers’ arrival, the first arriving officers observed two juveniles out of the detention facility, but still contained within the exterior security fence. Additional officers were requested to establish a perimeter around the outer fence surrounding the property. Initially thirteen officers, including K-9, responded. Contact was made with a supervisor from the facility who advised nineteen juveniles housed in the one of the dorms became disorderly and started using fire extinguishers to damage secure doors that allow access to the courtyard inside the secure fence. Four juveniles left the building and entered the courtyard and attempted to climb the fence. Two of the four were able to climb an interior fence that led to an adjoining dorm. These two were taken back into custody by staff assigned to the adjacent dorm. The two remaining in the court yard were stopped by staff prior to escaping the facility. Officers on scene maintained a perimeter and presence until staff at the location were able to convince the juveniles back into the dorm.

Officers also responded to two other escapes at the facility this year, on March 21 and July 25. The March 21 escape of two teens involved an MNPD response of one lieutenant, four sergeants, eleven officers, and two canine teams. The July 25 escape of five teens involved an MNPD response of one lieutenant, five sergeants, 1 detective, 20 officers, two canine teams and an MNPD helicopter. The October 10 attempted escape involved an MNPD response of one captain, one lieutenant, two sergeants and 13 officers.


Steven Cosby Jr., 18

Terrence Brown Jr., 17

Tywan Ford, 17

Yanathan Furline, 16