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Metro Public Health Department To Participate in State-wide Free Flu Shot Campaign


November 19 Vaccine Offers Best Protection Against Influenza

The Metro Public Health Department will join county health departments in a special state-wide “Fight Flu TN” event November 19 by providing free flu shots in an effort to increase the number of people vaccinated in Nashville and across Tennessee.

In addition to increasing flu vaccinations within the community, this event is also helping the Metro Public Health Department practice our ability to activate emergency Points of Dispensing (POD). These points can be set up in various locations to dispense medication, equipment and other emergency supplies during times of disaster. By using flu vaccine in place of emergency medication, we can look for ways to strengthen our response measures and operational outcomes for future use.

Free flu shots will be available at the following Nashville locations during the event. Each clinic will be offering the shots on a walk-in basis from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • East Health Center
    1015 East Trinity Lane
  • Lentz Health Center
    2500 Charlotte Avenue
  • Woodbine Health Center
    224 Oriel Avenue
  • South Nashville Nutrition Center
    3718 Nolensville Pike
  • Metro Southeast Administrative Center (Not a Metro Public Health Department location)
    1417 Murfreesboro Pike
    Conference Room
  • Nashville Rescue Mission (Not a Metro Public Health Department location)
    639 Lafayette Street

The Centers for Disease Control recommends annual flu vaccination for everyone over the age of six months. Flu vaccine for people of all ages is widely available in Nashville and throughout Tennessee from Health Department clinic. The flu vaccine is especially important for people at high risk for serious illness or death from influenza such as the elderly, pregnant women and young children, as well as healthcare workers and family and friends of anyone at high risk. Expectant mothers should be vaccinated during pregnancy to protect themselves and pass protection on to their unborn babies.

For more information about flu shots offered by the Metro Public Health Department call 615-340-5616, or visit our website at