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3 Persons Arrested for Helping Escaped Teen Calvin Howse



Juvenile Crime Task Force officers Thursday night arrested two family members of escaped teen Calvin Howse as well as a family friend on charges of being accessories after the fact of escape and facilitation of escape. In custody on warrants sworn out by the Youth Services Division are Howse’s mother, Danielle Horton, 33, Howse’s cousin, Tyrone Anderson, 29, and family friend Brandi Lyonn, 35.

Arrest warrants charging the same offenses are outstanding for Howse’s sister, Jasmine Howse, 18.

When Calvin Howse, 15, was arrested in Madison Tuesday night, he was carrying a cell phone. Analysis of that phone by MNPD electronics experts shows that Danielle Horton not only knew of her son’s whereabouts while he was on escape status, but assisted in getting him food and other items while she was with Jasmine Howse and Tyrone Anderson. The analysis indicates that Anderson also assisted in getting Howse access to his Wi-Fi account so that he could get onto the Internet.

Analysis of the cell phone shows that Lyonn allowed Howse to sleep at her residence and assisted Horton in getting him food.

Bond for Horton, Anderson and Lyonn was set at $10,000 each.

Several MNPD components continue to search for remaining escaped teens Morris Marsh and Brandon Caruthers, both 17. Marsh was being held for murder; Caruthers for armed robbery. Anyone seeing them or knowing their whereabouts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463. Reward money for information leading to each of their apprehensions is in excess of $5,000. Persons determined to be assisting them elude police will be prosecuted.


Danielle Horton, 33

Tyrone Anderson, 29

Brandi Lyonn, 35

Jasmine Howse, 18