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Nashville District Energy System Serves New Criminal Justice Center


Criminal Justice Center

Demolition began on the Criminal Justice Center in 2016 for the purpose of constructing a new larger facility on the site. The planned demolition and construction extended into 2nd and 3rd Avenue North. That required the District Energy System (DES) services to be demolished from the site back to the mains in 3rd Avenue North. However, provisions to reconnect the new building were required. New direct-buried chilled water valves were installed in the street.

The connection of DES services to the new building involved much planning and coordination. This included the on-site trades and the new facility’s HVAC system. The new services penetrate the building wall near the former location. This reducing the amount of direct-buried piping required. Because the mechanical room is located in a different area of the new building’s footprint, internal provisions were required.

Space heating and cooling as well as domestic water heating services are provided through steam and chilled water from DES to the new building. Additionally, the new building has temporary chilled water and steam service connections in case emergency service is ever required. The temporary steam service connections are located a block away and were unaffected by the Criminal Justice Center’s demolition and construction.

New metering and instrumentation equipment were provided. Installation and configuration of the DES service piping to the in-building piping required coordination. The DES design team worked with the building’s engineering team to accomplish this task. Services during construction were made available in the late Spring of 2018. Usage by the new building began using the DES services in December 2018.

The new Metro Davidson Criminal Justice Center is scheduled to open in 2020.