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Juvenile Crime Task Force Begins 2020 Where it Left Off in 2019



Juvenile Crime Task Force officers have begun 2020 where they left off in 2019.

The team late last night arrested two teenagers on aggravated robbery charges after spotting the carjacked Chrysler Sebring in which they were traveling on Whites Creek Pike near Knight Drive in North Nashville (the vehicle also matched the description of the getaway car used in a Lebanon Pike robbery earlier Wednesday night). The driver refused to stop, prompting a pursuit. At one point, officers saw one of the teens show a pistol through a window.

The Sebring ultimately stopped on Thompson Lane near Eugenia Avenue in South Nashville. The two teens, Miques Crutcher, 16, and Nathaniel Webb, 19, tried to run, but were quickly apprehended. As officers retraced the pursuit route, they discovered a loaded 9 millimeter pistol on the side of I-24.

In the Lebanon Pike robbery case, a 31-year-old woman reported that she had just pulled into her condominium complex when she was confronted by a gunman (Webb) who demanded her wallet and cell phone. After she complied, he fled to the Sebring, which was taken at gunpoint from a 24-year-old woman on Bakertown Road on New Year’s Eve night.

Besides aggravated robbery, Crutcher and Webb are charged with unlawful gun possession, evading arrest, felony theft and aggravated assault. Webb is also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

During calendar year 2019, the Juvenile Crime Task Force recovered 258 stolen or carjacked vehicles and seized 186 firearms. The team arrested 224 juveniles on 335 felonies and 274 misdemeanors. The ages of those 224 juveniles were:

  • Age 12: 2
  • Age 13: 9
  • Age 14: 30
  • Age 15: 44
  • Age 16: 76
  • Age 17: 63

The Task Force last year also charged 216 adults on 252 felonies and 463 misdemeanors.


Miques Crutcher, 16

Nathaniel Webb, Jr., 19

Recovered gun