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Officer Myriah Iles Exonerated of Aggravated Assault Charge



Officer Myriah Iles is expected to be returned to full duty from decommissioned status after she was exonerated of an aggravated assault charge by both the judicial system and an MNPD internal investigation.

Iles, who was downtown off-duty with a female friend last October 5, was confronted by several persons who saw Iles carrying the friend over her shoulder. The confrontation escalated and became physical. Iles and another woman involved in the fight received minor injuries.

The investigation revealed that Iles was defending herself after being confronted and that she committed no crime or violation of MNPD policy. The aggravated assault charge, brought by a woman from out of state who said she was hit in the face, was dismissed Wednesday for failure to prosecute. The District Attorney’s Office reported that the woman recanted her version of events.

The police department’s final review of this matter is in process.


Officer Myriah Iles