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North Nashville Bikeway Progress Update


The following are some high points of North Nashville Bikeway Progress:

Work accomplished January 13 through 17, 2020

  • Delineators on Arthur Ave completed.
  • Striping on Arthur Ave completed (except for corrective work).
  • Striping on Buchanan St & Garfield St continued.
  • Bike symbols and arrows installed from 3rd Ave N to 9th Ave N. 
  • Buffer lines installed from Rosa L Parks to 9th Ave N.
  • Parking lines/edge lines installed from Rosa L Parks to Delta Ave.
  • Signs completed on Ed Temple Blvd.
  • Final pedestrian pole footings on Buchanan/Garfield completed.

Two-Week look ahead:

  • Delineator installation on Ed Temple Blvd.
  • Striping to continue on Buchanan St/Garfield St and on Ed Temple at Jefferson St as weather allows (minimum temperature of 50 degrees and dry conditions)
  • Complete sign installation on Arthur Ave
  • Corrective concrete work on DB Todd Blvd at Wheless St.
  • Concrete ramps and islands on Buchanan St at 11th Ave N & 14th Ave N, Garfield St at Delta Ave.