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Nashville Collage Collective proves Hindsight is 2020 with a new exhibit at Centennial Art Center


Collage by Lisa Haddad

Centennial Art Center’s inaugural exhibit of the year Hindsight is 2020 opens on Friday, February 7, 2020 with a lively reception from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. For this exhibit artists from the Nashville Collage Collective have created thought-provoking work which revolves around the theme of Hindsight, exploring clarity of the past and uncertainty about the future as 2020 ushers in a new decade. This exhibit includes mixed-media work by 26 artists using a stunning range of materials, methods and expression.

Mixed-media sculpture by Anne Zuberer

The Nashville Collage Collective is a vibrant forum where artists support each other in the exploration of techniques, collaboration and exhibition of work unique to collage. Members have gathered regularly for the past six years to share a wide array of interesting materials and to work side by side at free-form workshops. These workshops are often held at Turnip Green Creative Reuse, Zeitgeist Gallery, local coffee shops and the artists’ studio.

The individual narratives that are woven through artwork of Hindsight is 2020 vary as much in materials as in style. In What We Didn’t Learn from Genetics, Lisa Haddad juxtaposes numbers and symbols on paper with almost monochromatic abstract painting in her exploration. The Cape by Arlene Wilson combines fabrics and texture with soft colors to create an impressionistic seascape.

Collage by Arlene Wilson

Artists are transforming old, recycled or reused objects into intriguing pieces of art. In works like Self Siting, Anne Zuberer turns contemplation inward using paper, wood, metal and resin along with collage to create an intriguing sculpture. While Lindsy Davis creates a compelling yet desolate image with canvas, gesso, charcoal and thread in Power Through.

To complete this quick survey of the exhibit is Doris Wasserman’s surrealistic mixed-media art piece with photographic collage, paint and found objects, which captures a youth contemplating The World and expresses hope our the future.

The Nashville Collage Collective can be followed on facebook and encourages Nashville-area collage artists to contribute to posts. Visit Centennial Art Center Gallery to see the beautiful and intriguing collage pieces of the Hindsight is 2020. Artwork will be on display February 7 through April 2, 2020. Centennial Art Center is a Metro Parks affiliated visual arts community center located in the northeast corner of Nashville’s Centennial Park.

Collage by Doris Wasserman

Centennial Art Center Gallery is free and open to the public. Gallery hours are Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. For more information, call Centennial Art Center at 615-862-8442, visit online: or find them on facebook.