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Mayor Cooper to Spotlight One Local Leader Each Day Throughout Black History Month

Chris Song

In honor of Black History Month, Mayor John Cooper will spotlight 29 African American community leaders who have made a positive change in their local communities through leadership, mentorship, and service.

Each day during the month of February, Mayor Cooper’s Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement will highlight the biography and achievements of an individual who reflects one or more of the goals of the administration, including working to improve the quality of life for Nashville’s residents, enhancing citizen engagement throughout our communities, and empowering residents to take steps to improve their neighborhoods.

“Black history is Nashville’s history, and this February, we’re going to pay tribute to the tremendous contributions that African American Nashvillians have made over generations of triumph and tribulation,” said Mayor Cooper. “I look forward to celebrating Black History Month by celebrating the fabulous achievements of the many wonderful community leaders who have helped our city achieve the progress and growth we enjoy today.”

Follow along with Mayor Cooper’s social media accounts throughout Black History Month starting February 1, 2020:

Learn more about the Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement.