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Man Arrested for Shooting Suspected Teen Car Thief



A man who tried to recover his girlfriend’s stolen car on Rainwood Drive this morning is now charged with felony aggravated assault for firing shots through the window and wounding the 15-year-old driver. The teenager will be charged with auto theft upon his discharge from the hospital.

George Wade III, 25, was traveling in the 3000 block of Rainwood Drive at 8:15 this morning when he saw his girlfriend’s 2011 Chevrolet Malibu that was reported stolen last Thursday after it was left running and unattended outside a Moorewood Drive home. Wade blocked the car with his SUV and ordered the driver to exit. Instead, the 15-year-old attempted to drive off. Wade fired several shots into the driver side window, striking the teen in the shoulder. A passenger in the Malibu bailed out and ran away. He has not been located.

Wade rendered aid to the 15-year-old and drove him to Skyline Medical Center where he is being treated for non-critical injuries.


George Wade III, 25