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Precinct-Based Undercover Detectives Charged 72 Persons Last Week



Undercover detectives assigned to the department’s eight precincts charged 72 persons this week with mostly drug and prostitution offenses as the result of investigations in various Nashville neighborhoods.

West Precinct detectives charged 6 persons as the result of investigations on Bakertown Road, Old Hickory Boulevard, and 51st Avenue North. Detectives seized 12.3 grams of heroin, 14.5 pounds of marijuana, 10 pills, 8.5 grams of methamphetamine, and one handgun.

Hermitage Precinct detectives charged 15 persons as the result of investigations on Glen Cove Trail, Lewis Street, Murfreesboro Pike, Old Hickory Boulevard, Briley Parkway, Karen Drive, Stewart’s Ferry Pike, Lebanon Pike, Highland View Drive, and Lafayette Street. Detectives seized 16 grams of heroin, four grams of methamphetamine, five grams of cocaine, 42 grams of steroids, three guns, and $4,502 cash.

North Precinct detectives charged 9 persons as the result of investigations on Brick Church Pike, Trinity Lane, Morrison Street, Buchanan Street, 23rd Avenue North, Osage Street, 16th Avenue North, Cockrill Street, and Jefferson Street. Detectives seized 20 grams of marijuana, 12 grams of cocaine, .4 gram of heroin, two handguns, and $1,121 cash.

Madison Precinct detectives charged 7 persons as the result of investigations on Doverside Drive, Maple Street, and Welworth Street. Detectives seized 18 grams of methamphetamine, four grams of cocaine, 289 ecstasy pills, 241 Xanax pills, 263 grams of marijuana, two oxycodone pills, and three guns.

East Precinct detectives charged 8 persons as the result of investigations on Dickerson Pike, Trinity Lane, Gallatin Pike, and Douglas Avenue. Detectives seized 23 grams of marijuana, .5 gram of methamphetamine, .3 gram of cocaine, and one handgun.

South Precinct detectives charged 23 persons as the result of investigations on 2nd Avenue South, Lincoln Street, Murfreesboro Pike, Hamilton Church Road, Tanglewood Court, Bell Road, and Tampa Drive. Detectives seized one gram of cocaine, 82 grams of marijuana, 15 pills, three guns, and one stolen vehicle.

Central Precinct detectives charged 4 persons as the result of investigations on Drexel Street, 8th Avenue South, and Middleton Street. Detectives seized 166 grams of marijuana and .5 gram of cocaine.

Midtown Hills Precinct detectives were on special assignment this week related to crime hotspots.

Citizens suspecting drug activity in their neighborhoods are urged to call the police department’s 244-DOPE hotline. Callers to the hotline can remain anonymous.