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Mayor John Cooper Announces Spanish Language Training for hubNashville Contact Center Staff

Chris Song

Today, Mayor John Cooper announced that Metro’s hubNashville contact center employees will be offered a 6-week Spanish language learning class starting February 13, 2020. The weekly classes are being sponsored by Metro Public Works.

“While some of our hubNashville team are multilingual, this is a fantastic opportunity to equip our hubNashville staff with the language skills they need to better assist our Spanish-speaking neighbors,” said Erin Williams, Director of hubNashville and Constituent Response.

hubNashville’s website and mobile app are already available in a variety of foreign languages, including Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Burmese, and Kurdish. Maria Benham, Spanish Instructor from Nashville Community Education, will be leading the classes. Staff members who attend the optional classes will be doing so on their own time. The total cost of the course to Metro Public Works is $175.

Fully launched in October 2017, hubNashville has grown from 7,200 requests per month on average in 2018 to 13,000 requests per month in 2019 as marketing efforts have increased and awareness of the resource has grown among residents. The most frequently fielded request categories include trash and recycling, illegal dumping, traffic lights, and pothole repair.

hubNashville provides non-emergency services. Anyone experiencing an emergency should call 911 immediately. hubNashville can be reached online at, by downloading the hubNashville 311 mobile app, or by dialing 311 from within Davidson County or 615-862-5000, Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.