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Bridge Beams For New 28th Ave Connector Set To Arrive Onsite This Week


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Massive concrete beams that will support the signature landmark bridge for the 28th Avenue Connector project are scheduled to be erected starting tomorrow.

The north, center and south end piers for the new bridge are complete and ready for a total of eighteen (18), 54-inch tall beams to be placed before work on the final deck can begin. Each beam is 102 feet, 9 inches long, and weighs about 70,000 pounds. Weather permitting, the first six beams will be set in place on Tuesday, another six on Wednesday and the final six on Thursday.

WHO: Bell & Associates Construction, contractor for Metro Public Works
WHAT: Placement of 18 support beams for the new 28th Avenue Connector bridge
WHEN: Trucks carrying the beams are scheduled to arrive from Jackson, Tenn. at 11 a.m., Tuesday, March 20
WHERE: 28th & Charlotte Avenue side of the construction site

The Connector will be a median-divided roadway connecting 28th Avenue in North Nashville to West End Avenue with the new bridge spanning the CSX railroad that runs behind Centennial Park. The railroad bridge is the signature piece of the Connector, and will include public art commissioned by the Metro Arts Commission.

The new thoroughfare will be a “complete street,” featuring special landscaping and pedestrian amenities, new bus stops, wider sidewalks and separate bike paths.

Construction of the approximately $18 million project began following a ground breaking ceremony, hosted by Mayor Karl Dean and various community leaders, on May 24, 2011. The estimated completion date is September 2012.

More information about the 28th Avenue Connector is available online.


28th Avenue Connector Construction Facts

Metro Public Works and its contractor Bell & Associates began construction of the 28th/31st Avenue Connector project following a ground breaking ceremony on May 24, 2011. The estimated completion date is September 2012.

The railroad bridge is the signature piece of the 28th/31st Avenue Connector project and will feature a landscaped median, wide sidewalks, separate bike paths and public art.

A total of 18 54-inch tall Prestressed Bulb Tee beams, manufactured by Construction Products, Inc. of Jackson, Tenn., are needed for the bridge.

Each beam is 102 feet 9 inches long, and has 17 cubic yards of 8,500 PSI concrete.

Bell Construction will be utilizing two cranes to set the Bulb Tee beams over the CSX RR tracks:

  • Crane #1 is a Demag Ac 350 Crane
    With 224,900 lbs. of counter weights, the AC 350 weighs approximately half a million pounds. The crane has a lifting radius of 183.7 feet and at capacity can lift 514,000 lbs.
  • Crane #2 is a Leibherr LTM 1160/2
    With 110,250 thousand lbs. of counter weights, the Leibherr hydraulic crane weighs approximately 300,000 lbs. The crane has a lifting radius of 197 feet and at capacity can lift 400,000 lbs.

The 28th/31st Avenue Connector will unite parts of West End with North Nashville, bridging neighborhoods while creating a better line of traffic from Metro General Hospital, Meharry Medical College and TSU to Centennial Medical Center, HCA and Vanderbilt.

A "Complete Street," the Connector will accommodate alternatives to car trips including new transit service, separate bike paths and wide sidewalks. The multimodal boulevard will include a public art component, and will run from Park Plaza to the south side of the Nashville and Western Railroad tracks.