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Street Closings for Veteran’s Day Parade on Friday, Nov. 11


Motorists planning to travel to or in the downtown area on Friday morning need to be aware of several street closings planned for the city’s annual Veteran’s Day Parade, which begins at 11 a.m.

Broadway between I-40 and 3rd Avenue will be closed at approximately 10 a.m., and shortly thereafter, most side streets from Third Avenue to I-40 will be closed for one block on either side of Broadway.

The parade staging area, located between 18th Avenue and 12th Avenue on Broadway, will be closed to traffic first, as well as all Broadway exits from I-40. Interstate traffic will need to use either Church Street or Charlotte Avenue exits. From 14th Avenue, the parade will continue down Broadway and disperse at Third Ave.

All streets are expected to re-open by 1 p.m.