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Nashville Office of Emergency Management Shares Tornado Path Tracking Tool


Data shared from NOAA Remote Sensing Division shows storm’s path and damaged from aerial view

Metro Nashville’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division of Metro’s ITS Department has created an interactive map that shows the path and destruction.

The imagery comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Remote Sensing Division.

The information will be used to help with ongoing research efforts for testing and developing standards for airborne digital imagery.

Nashville’s GIS division has provided an overlay to show Nashville Parcels. This view shows the tornado’s track overlaid on top of a map of Davidson, Wilson and Putnam Counties.

Access the NOAA Nashville Tornado Aerial Imagery with Parcels Map.

You can also put in an address in Davidson County to see the parcel on the interactive map.

Metro GIS provides spatial data, mapping solutions and geographic analysis for the City of Nashville and its residents.

GIS is a tool that leverages the spatial components of data by linking tabular information about objects or events with their physical location.

This integration makes it possible to answer questions such as how many properties within a floodplain have appraised values that meet a specified criteria.

The results of such queries can be displayed in both textual and cartographic forms to help foster better decision making at all levels.

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