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Public Gatherings Guidance for COVID-19 Coronavirus


The Metro Public Health Department has received numerous questions from citizens and organizations regarding whether they should hold meetings or events due to the presence of COVID-19 (the coronavirus)

Currently there are no recommendations from the Metro Public Health Department or the Tennessee Department of Health to cancel any events, gatherings, schools, etc. in Davidson County.

Any closings, cancellations, or delays taking place are strictly at the prerogative of the organization(s) involved.

If this guidance changes it initially will be on a case-by-case basis regarding the specifics of a confirmed COVID-19 case. If the illness becomes so widespread in the community that the public health response would require the cancellation or rescheduling of events, then the Metro Public Health Department will notify the public.

The Metro Public Health Department will be proactive in keeping the community informed if these recommendations should change. The community will not have to wonder what the guidance is at any time; we will make it known as widely as possible.

Guidance regarding the coronavirus is available here: