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MNPD Officers Return to 8.5-Hour Shifts; Proactive Patrolling in Tornado Damaged Neighborhoods Continues



The MNPD, effective at 6 a.m. today, discontinued its “Tornado Command” management structure as officers throughout the department return to 8.5-hour shifts from 12-hour shifts for the first time since March 3.

Nashville’s infrastructure has greatly improved. All but one of the 116 roadways initially closed as a result of the tornado have reopened. All 72 of the traffic signals damaged or that lost power have been repaired or replaced. NES reports that 150 customers remain without power, down from more than 50,000 in the immediate aftermath of the tornado. Officers in the North, East and Hermitage Precincts continue to have a presence in storm damaged neighborhoods through proactive patrolling.

All officers received their first day off since March 3 on either last Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Moving forward, for the time being, officers will receive one day off per week. Their second regular day off will be worked on proactive patrol in tornado damaged neighborhoods.