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Donelson Woman Charged with Falsely Reporting the Death and Burial of a Child Who Never Existed



Youth Services detectives today charged a Donelson woman with making a false report to police, a felony, for concocting a story concerning the shooting death and burial of her one-year-old child, who never existed.

The initial information about this case came from a relative of 32-year-old Glenna Brook Pinkerton, who told detectives that Pinkerton spoke of burying her daughter in an area of Two Rivers Park after she was shot in the head by a prior boyfriend. Detectives traveled to Pinkerton’s Cabin Hill Road home and interviewed her, during which she acknowledged burying her daughter in a shallow grave in the park during March 2018, and even showed them a specific area within the park where the burial occurred. On March 8, MNPD personnel, an investigator from the Medical Examiner’s Office, and cadaver dogs unsuccessfully attempted to locate human remains in the park. During a subsequent interview with Pinkerton, she admitted to fabricating the story and said she had never given birth. When asked why she lied, Pinkerton responded, “Attention I guess.”

Pinkerton was released from jail after posting a $3,000 bond.


Glenna Brook Pinkerton, 32