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North Nashville Bikeway Progress Update


The following are some high points of North Nashville Bikeway Progress from the Program Manager:

Work accomplished March 15 through 20, 2020:

  • Marking Impressions worked last week completing all of the layout work on Buchanan and Garfield.
  • Per Google, the relocation at DB Todd & Underwood was completed 2/28/20. We have not been able to verify due to storm debris and road closures.

Two-Week look ahead:

  • Striping work is planned on Buchanan and Garfield this week, probably Wednesday, 3/25/20, due to rain on Monday and forecasted for Tuesday.
  • We will do assessments of damage to delineators and signage from the tornado.
  • Once double yellow is complete on Buchanan and Garfield at the concrete island locations, the concrete work will begin.
  • When the concrete islands are completed, all ped poles will be installed.