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Narcotics Detectives Foil a Scam Targeting the Elderly; 5 Victims Getting Their Money Back



Specialized Investigations Division narcotics detectives recently discovered disturbing activity unrelated to the drug trade but involving large amounts of money sent here from out of state by unsuspecting senior citizens.

Five packages, containing a total of $44,000 cash and addressed to unoccupied Nashville homes, were sent by elderly scam victims who were contacted by unknown persons saying that their grandchildren were in serious trouble (either arrested or involved in a serious automobile crash) and would have to go to jail absent money being sent.

As a result of the packages being intercepted by the MNPD, these five victims will be getting their cash back:

  • $10,000 to a victim in Bismarck, North Dakota;
  • $10,000 to a victim in New York City;
  • $10,000 to a victim in Yorktown, New York;
  • $6,500 to a victim in Lewis County, New York;
  • $7,500 to a victim in Whatcom, Washington.

The MNPD urges our senior citizens to never send money or disclose bank account information to individuals they do not know or to persons with whom they have had no prior business relationship. They can always contact the MNPD with questions or concerns. The telephone number to the Fraud Unit is 615-862-7594.