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Mayor John Cooper’s Administration Announces Metro Will Retain Control of District Energy System to Reduce Costs for the City, Taxpayers

Chris Song

Kristin Wilson, Chief of Operations and Performance Management, today issued the following statement regarding the status of the District Energy System:

“After considerable analysis regarding the proposed sale of the District Energy System, we have decided that, as one of the largest customers of DES, it is in the city’s best interest to maintain control of the system, which would result in taxpayer savings.

“With careful negotiation and management, the system can operate more efficiently, for a meaningfully lower General Fund subsidy. Continuing to operate the system gives Metro time to set the system up for long-term viability and success. Additionally, new developments in the downtown area have expressed strong interest in joining the system since the original RFP.

“Metro Water, having a background in management of distribution and collection systems as well as industrial plants, will be taking over the contract management of the system. Operation of the system will remain with Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.

“We have come to a decision on the future of DES that will reduce costs for the city, DES customers, and Davidson County taxpayers. This will be proposed in the upcoming budget process in partnership with Metro Council.”