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Metro Water Services To Begin Scheduling Development Related Activities May 4


Update to guidance issued on March 26, 2020

Metro Water Services will begin scheduling and performing water taps and shutdowns, under certain conditions. In order to adhere to our social distancing policy, we will only consider water taps or shutdowns that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Taps smaller than 2” - wet taps if the main material is ductile iron.
  2. Taps 2” and larger (direct and blind flange) - wet taps only and if:
    1. Ductile iron main.
    2. Looped system, not on one-way feed, unless in a new subdivision where no resident will be out of water.
    3. Nearest valves identified and operated within the last three (3) years
  3. Residential customers will not be without water.
  4. Critical customer will not be without water (hospital, nursing home, etc.).

Please make sure you meet the above criteria prior to submitting your request.

In addition to water taps and shutdowns, we will begin scheduling backflow testing.

Requests should be sent to and submitted by one location per application. As a result of our social distancing policy and the current pandemic status, we have limited staff and will respond as quickly as possible.

If you have already submitted a request for any of the three activities listed above, your request will be processed in the in the order it was received.

Status is subject to change based on the City of Nashville’s ongoing monitoring and response efforts. Metro Water Services will do our best to keep everyone updated.

For the latest information, please monitor the Status of Metro Services on Mayor Cooper’s COVID-19 Response page.

Thank you for your patience during these unusual times.