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North Nashville Bikeway Progress Update


The following are some high points of North Nashville Bikeway Progress:

Work accomplished 5/9/20 – 5/15/20:

  • Marking Impressions continued work on Buchanan and Garfield and its down to striping on I-65 bridge and double yellow between Rosa Parks and 3rd Ave N.
  • Stansell completed installation of ped poles and rapid flashers on Ed Temple, Buchanan, and Garfield.
  • Permanent pedestrian signs completed on Buchanan & Garfield.
  • NES removed abandoned pole at DB Todd and Jo Johnston intersection, but it still needs concrete repair by NES.
  • Marking Impressions began lay out of new pattern on DB Todd.

Two-Week look ahead:

  • Striping work is planned to continue on Buchanan and Garfield and should complete next week.
  • Marking Impressions to install snowplowable markers on Buchanan & Garfield.
  • Marking Impressions to continue lay out of new pattern on DB Todd and then begin line removal and new pattern install.
  • PRI to place sod behind concrete work on DB Todd at Underwood and Wheless.
  • Vulcan to install delineators on Buchanan / Garfield.
  • Stansell to excavate and pour ped pole footing on DB Todd at Jo Johnston.
  • Coordination with Google Fiber for relocation work on Monroe St.