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Convicted Cocaine Felon Darryl Alderson Arrested for Violating Parole and Now in Trouble with the Federal Government



Ten years ago, convicted cocaine felon Darryl Alderson was arrested for tossing a half pound brick of cocaine from his speeding car in South Nashville as police tried to stop him on Una Antioch Pike. That arrest came just months after Alderson received a three-year probated sentence in a felony cocaine case. Alderson was convicted of possessing and tossing the cocaine brick and was sentenced to 16 years.

Alderson was paroled from prison in 2015. Fast forward to April 17 of this year. Alderson was stopped in the Edgehill area for a window tint violation on his 2017 Porsche sports car. During the investigation, Alderson was found to be carrying 12 grams of cocaine inside 9 individually wrapped bags. He had a .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol under the passenger seat. Alderson was arrested on April 17 for possessing cocaine for resale and unlawful gun possession by a convicted felon. He made a $21,000 bail bond and was released from jail.

Over the ensuing few weeks, the State of Tennessee issued a parole violation warrant against Alderson and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms obtained a federal arrest warrant charging Alderson with unlawful gun possession. Late yesterday, detectives from the Crime Gun and Gang Units of the Specialized Investigations Division, ATF agents and the TBI located Alderson at an apartment on Laurel Street near the Gulch. As they took him into custody, he was found to be armed with another loaded gun. During the execution of a search warrant at Alderson’s apartment, detectives found nearly $55,000 in cash, 3.5 pounds of cocaine, cutting agents, pills, a drug press and a small amount of marijuana.

A search of a storage unit rented by Alderson in South Nashville was completed late this afternoon. From it, detectives seized an Audi sedan, a motorcycle, a drug press, paraphernalia with drug residue, ammunition and an empty gun box.

Alderson, 29, is now jailed without bond on the parole violation warrant and while he awaits an appearance in the federal court system.


Darryl Alderson, 29

Alderson Case-Cash, Cocaine and Drug Press