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North Nashville Bikeway Progress Update


The following are some high points of North Nashville Bikeway Progress:

Work accomplished 6/13/20 – 6/19/20:

  • Stansell completed Pedestrian Pedestal footings on Monroe at Rosa Parks
  • Vulcan began sign installation on DB Todd

Two-Week look ahead:

  • Marking Impressions to continue lay out of new pattern on DB Todd and then begin line removal and new pattern install. The fiber installation on DB Todd has impacted this work.
  • PRI to continued MMA installation once the stencils to arrive to do the white markings on the green background and once the new green material for Buchanan and Garfield arrives.
  • Marking Impressions to install snowplowable markers on Buchanan & Garfield.
  • PRI to repair sidewalks that were cut for Pedestrian Pedestal footings at DB Todd at Jo Johnston and Monroe at Rosa Parks.
  • Vulcan to continue sign installation on DB Todd. Need issue resolved for pedestrian sign at Scovel resolved.
  • Coordination with Google Fiber for relocation work on Monroe St.
  • Concrete repair by NES where pole was removed at DB Todd & Jo Johnston intersection.