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Convicted Felon Charged with Unlawful Gun Possession



The stop of a Nissan Maxima late Thursday night for having an expired temporary license plate has led to the arrest of convicted felon Daizjohn Sawyers, 21, and a 15-year-old for gun and felony marijuana possession.

Juvenile Crime Task Force officers stopped the car near the intersection of Carroll Street and Charles E. Davis Boulevard. As officers approached, they saw the muzzle of the pistol from beneath a blanket between the two rear seat passengers, Sawyers and the teen. The Maxima also smelled strongly of marijuana.

None of the four persons in the vehicle claimed the gun. Marijuana was recovered from Sawyers’ person and the center console. The teen claimed that the marijuana recovered from the console was his. The driver and front seat passenger are not prohibited from possessing a firearm. They were released.

Sawyers was charged with felon in possession of a gun and felony marijuana possession. The 15-year-old is charged with juvenile handgun possession and felony marijuana possession.

Sawyers, who has prior felony convictions for vehicle theft, auto burglary and evading arrest, is jailed in lieu of $32,000 bond.


Daizjohn Sawyers, 21