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RSS Center

The RSS Center is a tool which allows the public to create unique RSS feeds for services around News and/or Events. To use this tool, follow these directions:

  1. Determine if you would like an RSS feed for News, Events, or both by choosing the appropriate option from the "Select Feeds" drop down.
  2. Sort the available news feeds by Service, found in the left column, or Department, found in the right column.
  3. Some services do not have any content posted at this time. If you would like to omit these services as options for your RSS feed, check the "Hide entries with no content" checkbox.
  4. Put a check next to each service you would like to add to your RSS feed.
  5. Once you have every service selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Generate Feed." This will generate a unique URL you can use in your RSS reader or application.
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21st Avenue South Planning Study
2nd Avenue Planning Study
Abandoned Vehicles
Absentee Ballots
Accounting (Finance)
Active Employee Benefits
Active Incidents (Fire)
Active Inmate Search
Active Major Incident Dispatches (Police)
Administration (OEM)
Adopt a Pet
Adult Education (Metro Action Commission)
Affordable Housing (Mayor's Office)
Agricultural Extension Service
Agriculture and Commercial Horticulture
Agriculture and Horticulture
Air Quality Index Daily
Alarm Registration
American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
Animal Control
Antioch / Priest Lake Community Plan
Antioch/ Southeast Community Planning Study
Arts Commission
Assessor of Property
Backflow Report Search (Water Services)
Beaman Park Nature Center
Become a District Energy System (DES) Customer
Become a Police Officer
Become an Emergency 9-1-1 Dispatcher
Beer Annual Privilege Tax Payment
Beer Board
Behavioral Health Services
Bellevue Art Studios
Bellevue Community Center
Bellevue Community Plan
Bells Bend Outdoor Center
Benefit Board
Bidding Opportunities Bulletin (BOB)
Body Worn and In-Car Cameras
Booting (Vehicles) Companies
Bordeaux / Whites Creek Community Plan
Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program
Bridgestone Arena
Brush and Leaf Collection
Building Permits
Bus Fares (MTA)
Bus Maps and Schedules (MTA)
Business Licenses
Cable Service Issues
Candidate Campaign Disclosures
Capital Improvements Budget
Capital Spending Plan
Centennial Park
Centennial Sportsplex
Central Police Precinct
Central Records Division (Police)
Charlotte Pike Planning Study
Charter Schools
Child Support Services (State of Tennessee)
Circuit Court Clerk
Citizen Police Academy
Citizens' Guide to the Metro Budget
Citizen's Water Academy
Civil Service Commission
Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court
Cleveland Street Complete Streets Project
Code of Ordinances
Codes Administration
Codes Violations History Search
Coleman Regional Community Center
Collections Office (Finance)
College Students Voting Information
Community Access Television
Community Centers and Recreation
Community Corrections
Community Oversight
Community Partnership Fund (Community Health)
Community Resource Development (Agricultural Extension)
Community Safety Townhall Meetings
Companies With Registered Solicitation Permits
Connected Nashville
Conservation Education
Construction and Demolition Recycling
Construction and Development Guidelines (Water)
Consumer Horticulture
Coronavirus Response and Information
Cost Planning (Finance)
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Council District Lookup
Metropolitan Council
Council Meeting Videos
County Clerk
Craft and Flea Merchants (Nashville Farmers' Market)
Crime and Arrest Data Map
Crime Laboratory
Crime Mapping
Criminal Background Checks (Davidson County Criminal Records)
Criminal Court Case Search
Criminal Court Clerk
Criminal Justice Planning
Criminal Justice Planning Reports
Cross Connections Program
Cultural Arts (Parks)
Curbside Recycling
Dance (Parks)
Delinquent Tax Sales
Department of Law
Development Services
Development Tracker
Dickerson North Corridor Planning Study
Dickerson South Corridor Planning Study
Disaster Preparedness
District Attorney
District Energy System
Diversity and Inclusion (Mayor's Office)
Doing IT Business with Metro
Domestic Hens
Domestic Violence
Donelson / Hermitage / Old Hickory Community Plan
Door-to-Door Solicitation Permits
Downtown Community Plan
Downtown Explosion Information
Driver Licenses
Drug Court
Early Head Start
East Bank Planning Study
East Nashville Community Plan
East Police Precinct
East Regional Community Center
Economic Opportunity (Mayor's Office)
Education (Mayor's Office)
El Protector Program
Election Commission
Election Returns (Historical)
Electric Service (Start, Stop, or Transfer)
Electronic Waste Recycling
Emergency Communications
Emergency Wrecker Companies
Emissions Testing
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employment Opportunities
Environmental Engineering Search (Health Department)
Events (Municipal Auditorium)
Events Calendar (Nashville Farmers' Market)
Events Calendar (The Fairgrounds Nashville)
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (Agricultural Extension)
Expungements for Eligible Crimes
Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville
Family and Consumer Sciences (Agricultural Extension)
Family Safety Center
Fan and Air Conditioner Program
Farm Shed Merchants (Nashville Farmers' Market)
Farmers' Market
File a Complaint (Police Office of Professional Accountability)
File a Legal Claim
Film Permits
Financial Accountability (Finance)
Find My Court Date (Public Defender)
Find Where I Vote
Fire Department
Fire Marshal Office
First Tennessee Park
First Tuesdays at the Metro Archives
Flight Information (Real-Time)
Flood Risk Information
Food Inspection Scores
Ford Ice Center (Antioch)
Fort Nashborough
Fort Negley
Foster a Pet
Fraud Investigations (Police)
Free Summer Concerts
Gallatin Pike South Planning Study
Genealogy Research
General and Non-Consent Wrecker Companies
Mayor's Office
General Services
General Sessions Court
General Sessions Court Dockets
Get a Library Card
Golf Courses
Government Television
Grants Coordination (Finance)
Grease Trap Certification (Water Services)
Green HIlls / Midtown Community Plan
Greenways and Open Space
Hadley Regional Community Center
Hamilton Creek Marina
Harpeth Hills Golf Course
Hartman Regional Community Center
Head Start
Health and Educational Facilities Board
Health Department
Healthy Nashville Leadership Council
Hermitage Police Precinct
Highland Heights Planning Study
Historic House or Property Research
Historic Sites (Parks)
Historic Zoning Commission
Historical Commission
Historical Markers
Mayor's Office
Homeless Impact Division
HOPE Program (Housing, Opportunity, Partnership and Employment)
Horse Mounted Patrol
Horse-Drawn Carriage Companies
Hotel Occupancy Privilege Tax
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
Human Relations Commission
Human Resources
Information Security
Information Technology Services
Interlibrary Loan Service
Internal Audit
Internship Program (Human Relations)
Internship Program (Mayor's Office)
Jean Crowe Advocacy Center
Joelton Community Plan
Jury Duty
Justice Integration Systems
Juvenile Court
Juvenile Court Clerk
Juvenile Detention Center
Landlord Registration
Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics
Legionella Information
Library Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Limitless Libraries
Mayor's Office
Low Impact Development Manual
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Madison Community Center
Madison Community Plan
Madison Police Precinct
Management and Budget (Finance)
Marine Operations (Fire Department)
Market House Restaurants and Shops
Marriage Licenses
Mayor Barry Press Releases
Mayor Briley Press Releases
Mayor Cooper Press Releases
Mayor Dean Press Releases
Mayor's Office
Mayor's Youth Council
McCabe Golf Course
McCabe Regional Community Center
Metro Action Commission
Metro Archives
Metro Charter
Metro Clerk
Metro Contracts Search
Metro Council Members
Metro Employees Consolidated Charities Campaign
Mayor's Office
Metro Nashville Event Marketing Committee
Metro Nashville Network (MNN)
Metro Nashville Network Broadcast Schedule
Metro Nashville Network Streaming
Metro Nashville Waste and Abuse Hotline
Metro Parks Disabilities Program
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency
Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
Metropolitan Transit Authority
Mid-Gulch Planning Study
Midtown Hills Police Precinct
Mill Ridge Park Master Plan (Parks)
Minority And Women Business Assistance (BAO) (Finance)
Municipal Auditorium
Music (Parks)
Music City Center
Music City Center
Music City Music Council
Music Row Design Plan
Musicians Hall of Fame
Nashville Career Advancement Center
Nashville Career Readiness Partnership
Nashville City Cemetery
Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp
Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure
Nashville Electric Service
Nashville Flea Market
Nashville Flood May 2010
Nashville General Hospital
Nature Centers
Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program
Neighborhoods and Community Engagement (Mayor's Office)
NERVE (Nashville Emergency Response Viewing Engine)
New Americans (Mayor's Office)
Mayor's Office
Nissan Stadium
No Solicitation List
North Nashville Community Plan
North Police Precinct
Occupational Safety
OEM - Media Releases
Office of Conservator Management
Office of Emergency Management
Office of Family Safety
Old House Fair
Online Bill Pay (Metro Water Services)
Online Traffic School
Open Data
Operations (OEM)
Opportunity NOW
Outdoor Recreation
Parenting Education
Parks and Greenways Master Plan (Plan to Play)
Parks and Recreation
Parks Classes
Parks Planning and Development
Parkwood / Union Hill Community Plan
Passenger Vehicle-For-Hire Companies (Non-Taxi)
Pay my Electric Bill (NES)
Pay my EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Bill
Payroll (Finance)
PEG Television
Pension Benefits
Percy Warner Golf Course
Permits Online System (Codes)
Permits Search (Codes Administration)
Permits, Rentals, and Reservations (Parks)
Personalty Tax Information
Personnel Services
Pharmacy Services (Project Access Nashville)
Planning Department
Mayor's Office
Police - Media Releases
Police Department
Police Precinct Lookup
Poll Officials
Power Outage Map (NES)
Preservation Awards
Preservation Permits
Probate Court
Procurement (Finance)
Project Access Nashville
Property and Evidence (Police)
Property Maps
Property Search (Real Property in Davidson County)
Property Tax Deferral (Elderly and Disabled Homeowners)
Property Tax Freeze Program
Property Tax Relief
Property Taxes (Including Online Payment)
Public Defender
Public Library
Public Library Locations
Public Property (Finance)
Public Records Requests
Public Records Search (Chancery Court)
Public Safety and Justice (Mayor's Office)
Public Schools
Ravenwood Park Master Plan (Parks)
Real Property Tax Information
Records Management
Register of Deeds
Register of Deeds online records subscription
Renew Vehicle Registration In Person
Renew Vehicle Registration Online
Rental Assistance Voucher Program
Report a Codes Violation
Report an Aggressive Driver
Report Criminal Activity
Report Doctor Shopping
Report Possible Terrorism
Report Prescription Fraud
Report Wanted Criminals
Report Water Service Leak or Emergency
Request Register of Deeds Documents By Mail
Request Register of Deeds Documents In Person
Request to Employ SEU Officers
Request, Transfer, or Terminate Water Service
Road Closures
Ryan White Program
Safe Place Program
Sample Election Ballots
Senior Meals Program
Mayor's Office
Sevier Park Community Center
Shelby Bottoms Nature Center
Shelby Golf Course
Sheriff's Office
Short Term Rental Occupancy Tax
Short Term Rental Property
Smith Springs Community Center
Smoke Free Housing
Social Services
Soil and Water Conservation
South Nashville Community Plan
South Police Precinct
Southeast Community Center
Southeast Community Plan
Special Event Office
Sports Authority
State Trial Courts
Stone Hall
Storm Response 2020
Stormwater - Public Notices
Street Sweeping Schedule
Submit a Criminal Investigation Report
Summer Food Services for Children
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Education (Agricultural Extension)
Taxi Companies
Technical Rescue (Fire)
Ted Rhodes Golf Course
Temporary Curbside Beer Delivery Service
The Fairgrounds Nashville
Theater (Parks)
Title VI - Filing an Inquiry or Complaint
Tornado Warning Sirens
Traffic Division (Police)
Traffic Violations Bureau
Training (Human Resources)
Training Academy (Fire)
Training Academy (Police)
Transportation (Planning)
Transportation Licensing Commission
Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (Mayor's Office)
Trash Collection
Treasurer (Finance)
Tree Information (Water Services)
Trial Court Criminal Dockets
Two Rivers Golf Course
Two Rivers Mansion
Unclaimed Property
USAR (Urban Search and Rescue)
Vehicle Inspections
Vehicle Title and Registration
Veterans Services
Virtual Job Fair
Visual Arts (Parks)
Volunteer With Water Services
Voter Registration and Voting
WalknBike Sidewalks and Bikeways Strategic Plan
Warner Park Nature Center
Warner Park Nature Center Bird Information
Warner Parks
Water Activities
Water Rates (Commercial)
Water Rates (Residential)
Water Services
Water Services Assistance and Protection Programs
Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Rates
Wave Country
Webinars (Water Services)
Wedgewood Houston/ Chestnut Hill Planning Study
West Nashville Community Plan
West Police Precinct
West Trinity Planning Study
Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Mayor's Office
Workforce Demographics
Z. Alexander Looby Theater