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Be Informed in a Disaster

Being informed is one very important step in being prepared for emergencies! There are many ways you can stay informed before, during and after an emergency situation. This page and our entire website has a lot of information to keep you informed.

The first step in being informed, is to know what hazards are likely in our area. This hazard risk chart shows what hazards have the highest risk in our community, with flooding at the top of the list. Davidson County Hazard Analysis

Metro Emergency Alert and Notification System/MEANS

MEANS is a new public safety program that enables Metro to let you know what safety actions to take when there’s danger. When you register and provide your contact information, MEANS enables us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as criminal activity and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods. You can also sign up for weather notifications that get passed through from the National Weather Service. Get the alerts you want, the way you want – cell or landline phone call, text, email or TTY.  MEANS Sign up

New Alerting System for Cell Phone Users

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) is a new tool created by the federal government for alerting the public of Imminent Threats (severe weather warnings etc.), Amber Alerts and Presidential messages, directly to cell phones that are WEA capable.

WEA sample alert

Cell phone users with Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) capable devices are already receiving these alerts. The cell phone user does not need to download an app or sign up for anything, and there is no charge for this service. This broadcast service will automatically go into effect on WEA capable phones.

The WEA is a nationwide system. When an alert is sent, it sends a broadcast to all phones in range of a cell tower within the targeted geographical area. Therefore, the warnings will be appropriate to your real time geographical area.

In order to receive these messages, you must have a WEA capable device. Most cell phones less than a year old are WEA capable. To find out if your phone is WEA capable, contact your wireless carrier.

You can opt out of receiving these alerts, except for the Presidential messages, by contacting your wireless carrier.

NERVE - Nashville Emergency Response Viewing Engine

NERVE is an interactive mapping site designed to provide timely information relating to natural or man-made emergencies in Nashville/Davidson County, TN. NERVE is mobile device capable!

Nerve screenshot

As an emergency arises, this site will provide information about road closures, evacuation areas or routes, shelters and relief centers. Use this site to see what is happening around you or to find a path to your destination which avoids closed roads or other obstructions.

This system is activated when the Nashville Emergency Operations Centers is activated. The EOC activation level is stated when you first enter the site. If the EOC is not activated, there will not be any information populated within.

Enter the NERVE site

outdoor tornado siren

Tornado Warning Sirens

Our Outdoor Early Warning Sirens are designed to give warning to those outdoors when there is a Tornado WARNING in the county. These sirens are tested the first Saturday of every month at noon. More information about Tornado Warning Sirens

Social Media

Facebook IconTwitter Icon

Join us on our Nashville Office of Emergency Management Facebook Page and on our Nashville Emergency Operations Center Twitter feed to stay informed and engaged. Please keep in mind that Social Media is not always the most effective way to receive Emergency Information. We try to keep our community informed through social media, but during potential emergencies, severe weather etc, we may have to prioritize activities, and social media may not be at the top of the list. Nonetheless, we love to engage in the community on a frequent basis and share educational opportunities and more, so come join us on Facebook or Twitter! Metro Nashville Social Media Center

Emergency Hotline

On a daily basis, you can call 3-1-1 to get information for any of Metropolitan Nashville Government services; however, during times of disaster Metro's 3-1-1 service will serve as the emergency hotline. If you have a life threatening situation, please make sure to call 9-1-1.

Other Emergency Management Partners

There is a large amount of information on the internet regarding Emergency Preparedness. We recommend visiting these emergency management partners:


Metro ECC brings 'Smart911' to our citizens!

'Smart911' allows citizens to proactively provide details on their family and home that 9-1-1 operators may need in order to send help during an emergency. Smart911 is free and secure (only the 911 operators see your information). Register with Smart911 to add invaluable seconds to your emergency response time!