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Emergency Support Unit Equipment

ESU volunteers must learn to operate an assortment of machinery and equipment to assist with rescue and recovery missions, and OEM provides the training and resources. Here are some of the items commonly used in ESU operations: 

ESU Equipment

Box TruckThe Multi-Platform Box Truck

The multi-platform box truck is used to tow or heaviest trailer and support our most complex operations. When joined with our command tent system it can support up to three portable tents each with air-conditioning, heating, electrical outlets, and lights. The command tent system can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

Squad Truck

The Squad Truck

The Squad Truck is the backbone of the ESU fleet. It can seat five responders and carries an assortment of equipment including: life-vests, throw ropes, a first-aid kit, wool blankets, a generator, electrical cables, halogen scene lights, chainsaws, an assortment of fuel mixtures, traffic cones, traffic control vests, communications equipment, and an assortment of safety equipment.

Squad Truck Contents


The Excursion Response Vehicle

Our Excursions are strategically located throughout Davidson County and and are often the first OEM vehicles on the scene to an incident or event. Each Excursion carries equipment necessary to coordinate and support an ongoing operation.


The Pickup Utility Vehicle

The 1-ton pickup truck is the utility vehicle of choice for logistical and support operations. From carrying pallets of bottled water to hauling timbers for trench rescue and shoring unstable buildings, this vehicle is an essential part of our ESU fleet.



The ESU mobile 60 KW generators are the most utilized generator, and ready to go at a moment's notice. It can supply power to many sources at once and be integrated into a building system. The ESU also maintains 47 KW and 60 KW generators as well as portable generators.

Rescue One Fleet

 Rescue One Fleet

The "Rescue One" flat-bottom boat is the back-bone of ESU's water search and rescue / recovery operations. ESU can dispatch and staff as many as fourteen of these boats for any operation, including water safety monitoring at special events or for search and rescue / recovery. The versatile boats can be linked together in most any configuration and can even be made into a make-shift bridge in needed.


The Polaris 6x6 All-Terrain Vehicle

Nicknamed the gator, ESU's utilize these go-anywhere vehicles for special events, search and rescue operations, support and logistical roles, as well as accessing the shore-line to bodies of water in support of water operations.


The Triton Command Boat

Our Triton "Enforcer" is a command boat for water-based search and rescue / recovery operations. This powerful boat has been used for survey missions, running side-scan sonar, dive rescue operations, search and rescue operations, flood response, and damage assessment. Onboard the command boat are several radios, life-vests, throw ropes, and assorted rescue equipment.