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Parks and Recreation

Centennial Sportsplex Event Space Reservations

General Rules (No Reservations at this time)

  • Alcohol, drugs, and weapons prohibited.
  • The Centennial Sportsplex is a smoke-free facility. Smoking allowed in designated outdoor areas, only.
  • We provide furnishings limited to tables and chairs currently on inventory at the Sportsplex.
  • You must provide any additional tables and chairs.
  • Include set-up, break-down, and clean-up time in your rental period.
  • Return all areas used to the condition they were in before your rental period.
  • Remove all trash, decorations, and other items from the building (no glitter allowed).
  • Provide a $1 million certificate of liability insurance coverage (usually from the rental company) for special equipment you bring in (i.e., inflatable play structures).
  • Approval of special equipment (i.e., amplification, lighting, concession equipment) varies by space reserved.
  • You are financially responsible for any damage to facilities or equipment during your reservation period.
  • Parks staff has the authority to stop any unsafe, destructive, or illegal activity, and terminate the reservation if policies and rules are continually violated.

Capacity for Each Space (Seated)

  • Multipurpose Room 1 - 25 people
  • Multipurpose Room 2 - 50 people
  • Dance Studio - 40 people
Facility Reservation Fees
Package Name or Type Davidson County Residents Non-Davidson County Residents
Dance Studio $50.00/hour $55.00/hour
Diving Well (LG required 2 hr min.)
$162.00/hour $178.00/hour
Ice Party - Area 1 $100 package $110 package
Ice Party - Area 2 $90 package $100 package
Ice Party - Area 3 $90 package $100 package
Multipurpose Room 1 $35.00/hour $40.00/hour
Multipurpose Room 2 $50.00/hour $55.00/hour
Pool (after hours) $42.00/hour (2-hour. minimum) $46.00/hour (2-hour minimum)
Pool (after hours, holidays) $80.00/hour (2-hour minimum) $90.00/hour (2-hour minimum)
Private Instruction (approval needed)
$50 package $55 package
Swim Party - Package 1 $140 package $154 package
Swim Party - Package 2 $245 package $270 package
Swim Party - Package 3 $170 package $187 package
Swim Party - Package 4 $275 package $303 package

Procedures for Reserving

According to Metro Park Board policy, the Centennial Sportsplex may be rented by individuals or groups for private functions during and outside of normal operating hours. Reserve in person or by email.

  • You may reserve up to two months in advance. You must pay in advance to confirm your reservation. In some cases, you pay a deposit.
  • Accepted forms of payment: Check, Cash, Credit Card (2.3% credit card convenience fee added)
  • Pay in person at the Centennial Sportsplex (cash, check, or credit card) or over the phone (by credit card).
  • Make checks payable to Metro Parks.
  • Some events require additional fees: use of the pool or aquatics facilities, independent athletic leagues, invitational tournaments, commercial activities, and Park Board approved fundraising activities.
  • Some reservations require a certificate of liability insurance coverage of $1 million (minimum).
  • Request fundraising event permits at least 60 days in advance for organizations with a permit from the Tennessee Charitable Solicitations Board, educational institutions, organizations with IRS 501(c)(3) status, or candidates for public office.

Reservation Application

We are not accepting applications for reservations at this time.