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Things to Know About Public Skating Sessions

  1. Bring a jacket or sweater (even in Summer). The temperature inside the rink is about 58 degrees (feels colder, though!)
  2. Bring one pair of thin, calf-height socks for more accurate skate fit and comfort.
  3. You may buy tickets usually 15 minutes before each session.
  4. We have a limited number of Skate Aids (Skooters). They are for skaters ages seven and under, only. However, we recommend children learn to stand and skate on their own without holding onto something or someone.
  5. Pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Note: We charge a 2.3% convenience fee.
  6. After paying admission, go into the rink and give the attendant your shoes and skate rental ticket.
  7. Before renting skates, decide if you want to wear regular skates or hockey skates. Wear regular skates if you are just learning to skate.
  8. Our smallest rental skate is toddler’s size 6. Men's 14 is our largest. Let us know if you have wide or narrow feet.
  9. Pull the skate laces tightly and cross the laces over and around each hook all the way to the top!
  10. Make sure your skates fit tightly for support (fewer wobbly ankles and blisters!). You might need a smaller size than you think!
  11. Step or walk on rubber or ice, only!
  12. Do not carry children while you skate!
  13. Before returning your skates, tuck the laces inside them to reduce your wait time and the wait time of those behind you!
  14. Rent coin lockers for 50 cents to secure your valuables.
  15. Bring your own padlock to use our free lockers during a public skating session.
  16. The concession stand takes cash, only.
  17. We do allow you to bring in your own food.