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Parks and Recreation

Skate Sharpening

We sharpen figure skates and hockey skates. Please allow 24 hours. Let us know the date and time you need to pick up your skates. We do our best to complete them in less than 24 hours, if needed.

  • Sharpening (over 24 hours): $6.00
  • Rush Charge (less than 24 hours): $2.00
  • Hollow Polish Option: $2.00
  • Excessive Damage Repair Surcharge: $2.00
  • New Blade Surcharge: $2.00

How To Tell If Your Skates Need Sharpening

  1. Are your skates new? If so, get them sharpened. Blades as they come from the factory are usually not sharpened well, if at all.
  2. Carefully run your fingers along the edges of your blades to feel for nicks. Nicks are bad.
  3. Look at the edges for shiny spots or sections. Nicks and dull sections catch and reflect light. Sharp edges do not.
  4. About how many hours have you skated since your last sharpening? Get your skates sharpened about every 20–30 hours of skating. Hockey skaters might prefer getting their skates sharpened more often.