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Centennial Sportsplex Tennis Tournaments

Junior Tournament Players Group Photo

Tournament Hosts

  • Centennial Tennis Center
  • The National Wheelcats

To register for Centennial Sportsplex tournaments, search the USTA website using the ID numbers below.

All USTA sanctioned tournaments for kids ages ten and under use smaller courts (36-foot for ages 8U and 60-foot for ages 10U), lighter and lower bouncing balls (low compression red for 8U and orange for 10U), and smaller, lighter racquets.

Questions? Contact the Tennis Center at 615-862-8490 or email Dillon Hoyt.

Tournament photo boys award winners

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Tournament photo families and players Tournament photo girls smiling Tournament photo girl hitting ballTournament photo boys shaking handsOverhead photo tournament kids playingTournament photo kids playing ground level