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Centennial Art Center Studio

Centennial Art Center offers popular, affordable painting and pottery studio classes. We have well-lit painting and pottery studios. All of our Specialized Skilled Instructors are local artists. Our most popular art classes include painting, abstract painting, pottery, and sculpture.

Many local area artists “got started” through Metro Parks’ Centennial Art Center classes and both past and current students consistently win awards in juried exhibitions.

Art Classes at Centennial Art Center

Studio Art Classes

Our Studio offers a variety of art classes in painting and pottery. Typically offered in three different sessions (Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer), the class schedule will vary based on space and teaching staff availability.

2D Classes

Drawing/Painting (Beginner)

This class is for you if you have only had minimum or never had any drawing or painting experience. You only need to have a desire to try and experiment. You will see what you can accomplish with easy step-by-step exercises designed to develop your skill and confidence. There will be approximately 5 weeks of drawing and 5 weeks of introduction to painting as well as mixing of colors. Artist acrylic paint only.

Drawing/Painting (Intermediate/Advanced)

Combine drawing with painting and begin to develop more artistic paintings. In this class you will expand your knowledge of value and composition, and painting principles as well as color theory and brush techniques. These elements will then be integrated into strategies for creating more developed acrylic paintings.


Explore a variety of creative printmaking techniques in this foundational class. Students will learn progressive methods including stencil, foam impression, collage and cut linoleum blocks for printing multiples. Create background textures and direct compositions. Experiment with inking found objects to add to a composition. Plates, inks and paper are a supplied (material fee). All levels welcome.


Painting (Abstract – Advanced)

For advanced artists only - This advanced abstract class will help you develop your artistic expression working with the fundamentals of this style. You will explore organic and geometric styles; this and an emphasis on creativity will help you find the best direction for your own work. This is a class ideal for students who are self-motivated, willing to research and work outside of the class time and need minimum guidance. Artist acrylic paint only.

Painting (All Media)

Your ideas become the subject of individualized instruction as you expand your skills as a painter. If you choose, a still life setup will be available each week to further develop your skills in representational painting. This is a class for students with previous painting experience.

Painting (Beginner)

Learn and develop basic painting skills and techniques. Explore brush and pallet knife use, investigate the importance of a color plan and learn the fundamentals of mixing colors.

Painting Foundations Review (Beginner/Intermediate)

Learn or re-establish your understanding of the most important yet basic fundamentals. Each week you’ll review a specific set of elements & principles that can “make or break” any artwork. Each lesson includes instructional demos, examples & literature, student warm-up exercises, independent student work with teacher guidance, and closing with useful group feedback.

Painting Strategies (Intermediate/Advanced)

Take charge and gain focus of your creative efforts by learning the “art of planning”. Learn strategies that empower you to become your own best guide by knowing which questions to ask yourself upfront as well as throughout the creative process. Each class begins with one hour of painting strategies training, followed by two hours of open studio time and opportunity for one-on-one consultation with the teacher.

Painting (Watercolor)

In this class you will, learn various techniques and skills for working with watercolor. From washes to detail work. Each week the teacher will demonstrate a new skill or technique that students can practice to improve their painting ability. The class will discuss topics such as composition, color and how to select interesting subject matter.

Water Media Techniques

Watercolor is a versatile medium that allows the artist a range of expression including representational, fluid sketches and improvisational abstracts. Students with a foundation in drawing or painting will receive a comprehensive introduction to watercolor techniques such as blending and layering. Representational techniques will be expanded upon and special effects will be explored.

Drawing and Painting Supplies

Students should bring their own supplies; a suggested materials list will be provided.


Whether your aim is functional or sculptural ceramics, learn the basic techniques of wheel throwing and hand-building. Combine wheel pieces with slabs, coils and pinching to create virtually anything you can imagine. Use of tools such as molds and slab roller will be demonstrated.

Pottery (Beginner)

This class gives an overview of the complete clay process: from forming hand-built forms to shaping clay on the potter’s wheel. Students will learn the fundamentals of working with clay through its various stages using various tools. As class continues, students will learn basic techniques for glazing pottery to complete pieces in the kiln.

Pottery (Fundamentals of Clay)

This class gives an overview of the complete clay process: We will start with creating hand-built forms, on to the endless possibilities of slab work, then dive into working on the pottery wheel. You will learn the fundamentals of working with clay through its various stages using many tools and techniques. As class continues, by week 8 you will learn the basic skills of glazing your pieces to prepare them for the final firing in the kiln.

Pottery (Intermediate/Advanced)

You have mastered the basics, now challenge yourself! Demonstrations of more complex forms will encourage you to expand your knowledge of hand-building and wheel throwing techniques and build confidence working. You will learn to make more complex shapes and multi-part pots such as cups, teapots and lidded vessels.

Pottery (Handbuilding, Intermediate/Advanced)

This hand-building clay class explores the range of advanced techniques for hand-building including applying various textures and shapes to your forms. Surface design and glaze application will be discussed.

Pottery (Youth class - ages 11-14 years)

In this class, students will get an overview of the complete clay process from forming to finishing and glazing. They will use learn to create ceramic pieces using pottery tools and hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. Students will take home finished pieces. This class will provide pottery making basics in a spirited and noncompetitive environment.

Pottery Supplies

Firing and glazes are supplied. Students need to bring their own tools and clay (clay can purchased at Centennial Art Center) a suggested materials list will be provided when students register.