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Parks and Recreation

Greenway Plans and Projects

The Greenways Master Plan

Greenway trails are developed following the master plan, which focuses on Davidson County’s eight major waterways and an urban loop system, as well as routes recommended by citizens through various community plans.

The Greenways and Open Space Commission, advisory to Metro Parks, guides implementation of the greenways portion of the 2017 Master Plan Update, Plan to Play: the Parks and Greenways Master Plan.

  • Among six key findings: Paved and unpaved trails are among the most valued facility types in the system, and the community wants more of them across the county.
  • Among four key recommendations: Expand the greenway trail network by adding 53 miles of paved and 50 miles of unpaved trails by the year 2027.
  • During the public engagement phase of Plan to Play, as well as at public meetings for years, Metro Parks has heard how important it is for people to be able to walk or bike to their park or greenway. The result is greenway plans that place a higher priority on connectivity and transportation, and sidewalk and bikeway plans that interface with parks and greenways.
  • With the expansion of the greenway network over the past 25 years, our goal has evolved from a trail within two miles to a trail within one mile of every community. In the urban core: an inviting ten-minute (half-mile) walk to a neighborhood park or greenway.

2011 Nashville Open Space Plan

The Open Space Vision is informed by the unique natural features of Nashville and Davidson County: four corners, nine bends and a heart of green.

  • Four corners of the county serve as anchors for the open space network.
  • There should be protected land in each of the nine bends in the Cumberland River.
  • In the center is downtown, which should become a heart of green.

2018 Greenways and Open Space

Completed Projects

  • 440 Greenway Phase One: 1.25 miles
  • 440 Greenway at Gale Lane Park Pavilion
  • Whites Creek Greenway at Fontanel: 0.75 miles
  • Cumberland River: McGavock Pike Blueway Access

Acquired Open Space

  • Mill Ridge Park: 45 additional acres conserved
  • Wharf Park: 2.89 additional acres conserved
  • Goodlettsville Park: 15 acres conserved
  • Seven-Mile Creek: 8 acres conserved

2019 Greenways and Open Space

Current Projects

  • Gulch Greenway North Gulch to Frankie Pearce Park: 0.25 mile under construction
  • Browns Creek at Fair Park: 0.34 mile
  • Mill Creek Greenway from Mill Creek Park to Orchard Bend Park: 2.35 miles under construction
  • Mill Creek Greenway at Mill Creek Park:  Low Water Pedestrian Bridge on Culbertson Road
  • Whites Creek Greenway at Fontanel: Pedestrian Bridge
  • Manskers Creek Greenway at Manskers Creek Park: 1.0 mile under construction
  • Cumberland River Greenway Opry Mills Connector: 0.5 mile in design

Acquired Open Space

  • Thomas Brothers Sod Farm in Bells Bend: 107 acres conserved

HYSA bridge
Harpeth River Greenway

Shelby aerial
Shelby Bottoms Greenway