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Hodge House in Percy Warner Park

Front view of Hodge House from Chickering Road

A Brief History

Hodge House was built by the Hodge family around 1811. The Hodge, Northern, Cartwright and Sawyer families lived on and loved this land until 1928 when it became part of Percy Warner Park. Learn more about these families by researching the List of Hodge House Owners, compiled by Robert M. Northern, June 2011.

Warner Park naturalists work with Metro Archives to proudly preserve and share the incredible history of this land. Over the years, volunteers compiled photos, maps, stories, and notes. If you have information about the Hodge House or Warner Park history to share, please contact

In 2007, Metro Parks of Nashville and Friends of Warner Parks orchestrated the effort to salvage logs, hardware, and other parts of the original house. Working with the Historic Commission and local contractors, Hodge House was reconstructed to be used for historic programming and special occasions.

Reserve the Hodge House for your Special Event

We welcome your small meetings, commercial photo shoots, and other intimate events to this historic space.

The Hodge House property includes:

  • Ten-space parking lot, and parking for visitors who need additional accessibility
  • Limited air-conditioned/heated indoor space
  • Early 20th Century porches
  • A working fireplace
  • Small restroom
  • Maximum capacity 30 people

The mission of the Hodge House is to provide a unique venue for historic interpretation, environmental education and special occasions.

Hodge House Usage Fees

  • Special Event rental: $150/hour in-county; $180 out-of-county (2 hour minimum)
  • Commercial Photography: $125/day in-county $135.00 out-of-county (for photos during a special event)
  • Alcohol served at a private event: $200 in-county, $240 out-of-county (Park Board approval required)

For more information about renting this historic property, contact Warner Park Headquarters at 615-370-8051.

Hodge House Special Event Application

rehearsal dinner at Hodge House