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Become a Junior Naturalist in 2020

Do you...boy in water boots drawing on tree

  • Go outside?
  • Observe closely?
  • Quietly saunter/walk slowly?
  • Respect living things?
  • Draw, photograph or journal what you see?

Then you are already on your way to becoming a Naturalist!

Follow our Social Media Activity to Improve Your Naturalist Skills

Nashville's Nature Centers post new and creative naturalist activities to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Follow these tags for specific details.

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Daily Nature posts:

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Have Old-fashioned Fun at Nature Play

Remember when you had hours of fun simply playing in a sand pit or dirt pile? Your toys were sticks and rocks. You made mud pies and deep holes in the sand. You got dirty, but you had the time of your life. The Nature Center wants kids to experience this good, old fashion fun in our Nature Play area.

Designed by Tara Armistead and funded by memorial contributions for her father, Dr. William Crenshaw, this exciting play area includes a cedar wood playhouse, a stone wall in one corner, 2 dirt piles, and a huge sand pit.

kids playing outside in cabin and sand pit