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Parks and Recreation

Become a Naturalist in 2019

Do you...

people looking at flowers

  • Go outside?
  • Observe closely?
  • Quietly saunter/walk slowly?
  • Respect living things?
  • Draw, photograph or journal what you see?

Then you are already on your way to becoming a Naturalist.

Warner Park is kicking off our Year of the Naturalist with family-friendly monthly iNaturalist challenges.

To participate in these challenges:

  • Email the Nature Center to sign up.
  • Download the iNaturalist app.
  • Watch the tutorial on the app, and create your account and iNaturalist name.
  • Need help? Call or email the Nature Center at 615-862-8555 to schedule a tutorial.
  • Explore Warner Park.
  • Record observations of living things using your smartphone's camera; choose the project "Warner Park Biodiversity Project".
  • Focus on the monthly challenge (details below!).

Our goals for the Warner Park Biodiversity Project are:

butterfly on flower

  • Contribute to the Warner Park natural history inventory.
  • Provide Park visitors with a cool, new tool to identify plants, animals and other living things.
  • Offer naturalists from all over the world the opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna right here in Nashville, right here in Warner Park.
  • Record a previously unknown species in Warner Park such as the juniper hairstreak butterfly to the right.

Watch our Facebook page for updates and amazing discoveries by Park naturalists.

January Challenge: Weather

Nashville is known for its unpredictable winter weather-72 degrees as our highest high, and -6 as our lowest low. This month, take pictures documenting living things surviving the winter in all kinds of weather: a frosty leaf, a snowy tree or an animal enjoying a bright sunny landscape on a surprise 70 degree day.

sunset in winter

February Challenge: Trees

Did you know that trees can be identified without their leaves? Tree bark and overall shape are helpful, but some of the best clues are on the twig (the woody shoots growing from a branch). The end buds, leaf scars and twig color are all invaluable in identifying a tree. How many species can you find this winter?

Upload your photo to the iNaturalist app on your device and add it to the Warner Park Biodiversity Study.

Questions? Email the Nature Center or call at 615-862-8555.