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Parks and Recreation

Warner Parks Cross Country Running Policies

  • Please be aware that all roadways in Percy Warner Park are shared with vehicles and bicycles. Roads in Edwin Warner Park are closed to motorized vehicles.
  • Running on hiking trails is allowed in small groups of 4 or fewer. The hiking trails are designed for nature observation and for the protection of wildlife habitat and resources.
  • Equestrian/Bridle trails are strictly off limits to all pedestrian traffic, whether walking or running. (Violation of ordinance #13.24.430).
  • Except during permitted organized meets, the Vaughn's Creek and Steeplechase Cross Country Courses are available for cross country running. Please fill out a practice request form for running on the Steeplechase course; this helps track park usage.
  • Running is prohibited on or around the Nature Center grounds and on the Steeplechase Horse Track.
  • Do not play or sit on the Steeplechase horse jumps or fencing.
  • Portable bathroom facilities are available for runners at the Vaughn's Creek and Steeplechase Cross Country Courses during the fall season. Other restroom facilities are available at the athletics field and picnic shelter areas. To avoid conflicts with other park users, please limit use of the Equestrian Center or Nature Center bathrooms to emergencies only.
  • If running with a dog, a leash no longer than six feet in length is required. Please dispose of your dog's waste in the trash.
  • Dispose of trash properly and be sure to take all clothing items with you before leaving the park.
  • Parking for the Steeplechase Cross Country Course is allowed in designated areas along the left side of Gaucho Road. Do not park along the right shoulder of Gaucho Road or at the Equestrian Center (stable and trail) area.
  • The parking lot at Vaughn's Creek Cross Country Course should be used until it is full. Overflow parking should occur in the adjacent field. Do not congregate or lie down to stretch or rest on the paved surface. Do not drive on the running course or over any culverts. Culverts and bridges on running courses are not designed to hold vehicles.