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Parks and Recreation

The Parthenon Educational Programs

The Parthenon Education Programs offer a wide variety of opportunities for all ages. The Education Department at the Parthenon focuses on state and national curriculum standards. The Parthenon can be used to explore art, architecture, science and even mathematical problems. All K-12 groups must be guided by a Parthenon staff member or docent. Reserve at least seven days before visiting the Parthenon with a school group.

The Parthenon also offers limited internship opportunities for students.

For questions or additional information on Parthenon resources and opportunities, email our Director of Education at

Important Tour Information

Parks limits tour groups to the Parthenon to 40 students. Schools wanting to bring larger groups must schedule multiple tours in a single day or multiple days.

Educational Packets and Tools for Teachers and Parents

There are many tools throughout the Parthenon site than can be utilized in the classroom. These links provide documents for further details and more information about the Parthenon, Athena, and the Greek culture. Also, we encourage teachers who are bringing groups to the Parthenon to let us know in advance your area of study so that we can focus your tour accordingly for maximum benefit to your students.

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Other Lesson Plans and Projects


Special Tours

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